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How to fix canonical issues in hubspot blog listing pages

Learn a few tricks with me

The SEO Issue.

One SEO issue I found using the MOZ Report was that blogs listing pages generated by HubSpot were being flagged as duplicated content and they were Missing a canonical tag. One way to remove this type of issues is adding a self referencing canonical meta tag, in that way you can tell search engines that the content is not duplicated.

SEO List of issues we are trying to correct with this tutorial

  • Listing Pages Missing canonical tag
  • Moz Reports Flagging listing and pagination pages and Author listing pages as duplicates
  • Missing self-referencing canonical tags
  • Metadata Issues


Reduce total SEO issues on blogs generated by HubSpot

total number of issues by MOZ Report

Steps to solve the SEO issue generated by listing pages for blogs on HubSpot

  1. Open the Hubspot Settings of your account
  2. Click on Website
  3. Click on Blog
  4. Select the Templates Tab under the blog you need to update
  5. Remove the "Use the same header HTML for blog posts" check mark
  6. Under the "Header HTML for Blog Listing Pages" add the following Code

                {% if current_page_num>1 %}
                  <link rel="canonical" href="{{ content.absolute_url }}/page/{{ current_page_num }}">
                {% else %}
                    {% if request.path is string_containing '/all' %}
                    <link rel="canonical" href="{{ content.absolute_url }}/all">
                  {% else %}
                    <link rel="canonical" href="{{ content.absolute_url }}">
                  {% endif %}
                {% endif %}

By following this steps I was able to remove More than 300 SEO issues Related to Metadata.